Burak Hakki: «If you release your soul free and use it in a right way you can influence all the people»


Burak Hakki
Burak Hakki

Apart from being considered one of the sexiest and most handsome men in the world, Burak Hakki is also a multi-talented actor and he has proven this with his immense acting skills. Ιt is difficult to list his biography in a few lines, as he is an exceptional actor with outstanding acting skills and many dynamic and successful cooperation in his career. Firstly, started his career as a model, participating in famous fashion shows, advertising campaigns and took part in many competitions. In 1994, he was awarded as the “Best Model of Turkey“. Between 1995-2003 he worked with several model agencies, mainly in Italy, Germany, Austria, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In 1995 Burak Hakki was voted the 4th best photo model in the Manhunt International competition in Australia. In 1997 he represented Turkey in the Mediterranean competition in Tunisia and he came 2nd.

Burak’s Hakki television debut was in 2000, through the series «Zehirli Çiçek» and since then he has risen to glory and success, he knew the recipe of success very well. We loved him in the successful «Dudaktan Kalbe», «Kismet» series that aired in Greece and captivated us with his blue melancholic eyes, his charm and his unbeatable talent. Followed «The Circle» in 2017 at the theatre, directed by Yannis Aivazis, and in 2021, starred in «Smyrna My Beloved» with the unique Mimi Denisi.

«The Bridge», is the new explosive political thriller that has spread its magic net and has captivated audience and critics alike. Every Wednesday at Ant1 channel at 23:15 pm, we all watch with suspense the Greek adaptation of the Scandinavian detective series «Bron/Broen», which has been screened in more than 100 countries, winning dozens of awards, and has already been adapted in six countries. A bridge on the border line between Greece and Turkey and a dead body, which reveals an unsolved crime. The famous actor plays the Turkish policeman in one of his most captivating performances and we once again follow him step by step. Also, on 14th of April the comedy film, «Hava Muhalefeti» will be screened at cinemas in Turkey. Are you ready to fly with him?

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Burak Hakki, through his exclusive in depth-interview at Maxmag, talked to us about himself, his cooperation with Mimi Denisi and his upcoming plans.

How did the great “love affair” with acting begin?

My acting story started at year 2000. Ι was a well-known fashion model before acting. I was getting a lot of offers while I was a model. After I felt ready for acting and getting some lessons and acting classes I started acting.

Do you believe that the theatre is a demanding mistress?

I believe theatre is the top level at acting business. Not just only it is a live performance but also theatre acting needs more skills. Theatre acting and TV acting in my opinion is very different. Both techniques are different and also the effects you are spreading to audience are different.

Burak Hakki
Burak Hakki

Do you believe that was difficult for you to prove that apart from being a very handsome man you are also a talented actor?

It depends. İf you have talent in any business or in any stages of your life your relations you can have success. To be a handsome man you have always +1 advantage. it’s up to you to upgrade yourself in skills. And in acting there is no limit. And if you release your soul free and use it in a right way, you can influence all the people.

Describe your experience in the theatrical performance «Circle» (Kύκλος), within four words?

Foreigner, madness, challenge, culture.

How did your collaboration with Mimi Denisi – Joseph Samaan and «Smyrna my beloved» come about?

Mimi called me for the movie and sent me the script. Then we met several times and discussed about the scenario. I watched her on stage. İt was a long journey from beginning to end. Lots of meetings with Mimi and also producers, rehearsals, costumes, lights, make ups etc.

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Burak Hakki
Burak Hakki and Mimi Denisi on set

Are there any similarities between Burak and Kenan from «The Bridge»?

About my role at «The Bridge», there are of course similarities. An actor always find some seminaries in the role they play. But hardest part is if you can adapt your real life for the difference of that specific role, while you were filming that project. I analyzed Kenan’s character and found a lot of weakness in himself which matches with me.

Could you tell me a Greek and a Turkish beloved director that you have had an excellent collaboration with?

Giannis Haritidis, Zeynep Günay Tan, Andaç Haznedaroğlu. I had very good chemistry with these 3 very talented directors.

Which hero or role is a life-long dream for you?

Could be a leader, a musician or an artist that had an amazing success.

Burak Hakki
Burak Hakki

Do you believe that working with Greek actors-directors and speaking a foreign language, is it a challenge for you?

Yes it is a challenge, but acting has only one language…besides it is so nice to be in a project which connects common cultures.

Have you ever been bullied by Greek colleagues – actors?


What is the most important moment in your career so far that you feel proud of and why?

To be appreciated by the audience is the most proud for me.

How difficult is it to reach the pinnacle of glory?

I don’t think I reached that point.

Who is Burak Hakki, off record?

A positive person, humanist and also animal lover, respects all ideas plus most patient man in the world.

What is your life motto?

Halara, life and hapiness.

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Burak Hakki
Burak Hakki

What makes Turkish drama so unique?

Turkish drama uses relations, feelings, lights and musics well.

What are your deepest feelings about Greece?

Positive vibes.

Do you think that the two neighbouring countries, Greece and Turkey, have more commons than differences, and if so which are these?

For sure we have more common issues. Family lives, music, food, behaviors, hot blooded.

Did all this period of pandemic affect you, in which way?

Yes sure it affected me like all people. But I want to keep it myself.

What is your opinion on the recent events that have taken place in Turkey?

No comment.

What are the upcoming plans of Burak Hakki?

I have a comedy movie on Turkish cinemas now and some star guested tv series. But for future as always I will keep my farmlife and my family life to protect myself as a better person.

We would like to thank Mr. Burak Hakki who provided us his photos for Maxmag.gr

You can find Burak Hakki on the following social media:

Instagram: Burak Hakkı (@burak_hakki)

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